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The handle is more comfortable and the flex head is an added bonus. You want to get as many teeth as possible. I actually had to pay attention and focus to feel the clicks in the ratchet. The length gives me better leverage. Handle doesnt hurt my hand. Polished and all shiny. I'm taking it with me to show the babes at the strip club. I'm a locomotive mechanic, really needed a long lasting cordless for every day heavy duty use. I've Had it for about 5 months now. Really strong. I also have a 18 volt lithium snap on impact and this thing knocks it out of the park in long lasting and torque power and especially for half the price of the snap on.

Very satisfied. All the guys in my shop are trying to sell their impacts back to snap on guy. Purchased via Amazon Prime May No issues registering or updating.

Did exactly what I needed it to. Amazing Value. Very nice screwdrivers, much tougher than my craftsman set which kept breaking. They're used heavily at work as a mechanic, so they have worn. Some of the coating has come off of the tips of the flat head screwdrivers, but I use them for more than they're meant for, and they still held up pretty well. I have used the hex part of the screwdrivers a couple of times, it came in handy. Just shows they can take a bit of abuse. Overall happy with them. Also as some say they're similar to snap-on, I can't find a difference other than the name.

Only 3 left in stock - order soon. First off, the ratchet is offered exclusively on Snap On Franchisee tool trucks. How it is sold on here is beyond my belief. However for the guy who criticized the ratchet for not having a "quick release" button. It has been offered in that form for over 2 years on your "authorized" Snap On tool truck, or web site.

It is the best you can own, I personally like the longer versions, or the flex head. Also, its made in America, and sold proudly by your authorized snap on tool franchisee. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Will definitely buy again from KB The original set arrived with 2 of the 13 ratchets having issues.

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The replacement version has meatier open ends and thinner ratchet ends. If you purchase this item, which version will you receive? I tested and compared both versions and other than a design change except for the DOA , either version will meet my needs. I bumped my original rating of neutral 3 stars to 4 stars. Kudos to Amazon for excellant and fast customer service.

No problems getting return authorization and sending back the original set. I use these wrenches both professionally and personally on a daily basis. They work great for my needs and when I encounter tight spots where the ratchet side can't get where I need it, a simple swap to the open end keeps my progress efficient. Only 20 left in stock more on the way. Great little wrenches, fit in tight spots.

I like the colors,I use them everyday at work.

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New toolbox Friday here at the shop and we got some new tools on top of all that! Take a look at what all we got! Thanks for watching! I truly I would think that your money will go farther on the Matco truck.

I could get away with a bottom box for awhile. If you can afford it, buy some of the tools from the Snap On deal at Wyotech. We will talk about Snap On in this article since they are the most well known truck tool brand. Worth taking a look! They made pretty good boxes, but Snap On boxes usually performed better in our cycle testing.

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When you place this layer into your toolbox on top of the bright secondary layer, tool placements will be obvious. First for a little background. I needed some parts for my Matco box, and after a couple of emails, had them free from the factory. Total length is inches Total Depth is 28 inches Total Height is 68 inches The Top Drawer is 48 inches wide and internal depth of 25 14 - The locker has 5 full sized drawers and the cabinet has a work area with a lockable lid.

Machinists' Tool Chests. Unlike a classic cheap tool box, tool chests and cabinets have multiple drawers and usually have wheels so you can move your entire tool collection around the garage as needed. Shop with confidence. I have a Matco box at work and an old p. I really like Snap On tools. They only manufacture Tool Boxes. Matco Tools puts it's own toolbox construction up against Snap On Tools' toolbox in a head-to-head drop test. They don't have much room to move, unless the tool they are selling is being discounted to them by Snap-on, or they picked it up at the annual tool show, when they can get discounts for preorders.

Just saying I hope this helped, Back then, Matco had a tool box plant in New York where all their boxes were made. Whatever the industry, our Master Tool Sets will help you keep your equipment and assets working, enabling you to compete more effectively. The most expensive Craftsman boxes started lookin' real good in comparison to those prices! They are both nice boxes, but ask your Snap-On dealer to stand on an open drawer of his tool box, then ask your Matco dealer to do the same. Wrapped up the tool box hello all id like to start by saying i run my own garage and that i feel the need to buy snap on tools.

My snap on dealer lives on 2 acres , has a tennis court in his backyard, owns a brand new Chevy hd, a brand new Dodge Viper , a brand new Porsche turbo and a BMW the expensive one.

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Part numbers included if you want to verify the specs. This award-winning opportunity allows you to work for yourself and set financial goals that will help turn your dreams into reality. My tool box is the 2nd biggest box snap on makes.

source link What i would like to know is who is better? Break it and you can take it to any Sears or Kmart and get it replaced no questions asked. Matco Tools, Inc. Mac Tools or Snap-on?


The Snap-on Tools mobile tools franchise has been plagued with franchisee lawsuits. We've done that with the Rollcabs. If your in the tool box market, check this out! I've done at least 20 since January. We can get new listings every day, so visit us often to find your next, or first, "Mobile Tool Store". Bought a new Matco hotdog wagon style box and took my soon to be wife to the dealers house to look at my new box and finalize the deal. Professional mechanics and auto techs 1 trusted source for automotive repair tools. The image to the right shows the Bahco vs. Same goes with Matco, all the way down to Craftsman.