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The goal is simple yet challenging: To escape from the room in 60 minutes or less. This new intellectual challenge, is a journey through the puzzles in a mysterious world and a truly thrilling race against time.

You can only win if you work together. Zombie Apocalypse: A deadly virus threatens to re-write DNA, the very code of our existence, and alter humanity forever. Find the cure and stop the Zombie Apocalypse from becoming a reality. Groups have an hour to save mankind. Groups must infiltrate an enemy base and diffuse a nuclear bomb planted by a rogue agent before civilization as we know it becomes a curious afterthought for future Earth pioneers, destroyed by nuclear armageddon.

Teams will have to face their deepest fears and mentally out-duel this madman to escape his horror show while retaining whatever fragments of their humanity they can. This challenge will definitely cause an adrenaline rush, and is not for the faint of heart.

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Mind-Boggling: The human mind is a chaotic and frightening place if not tended to. Recover a stolen diamond, solve the mystery of a haunted house. Can you follow the clues? Seconds tick away as you defuse a dangerous bomb or search for an antidote or stop a Cyber thief in his tracks. Discover the kill code to prevent being trapped by a Cyber Hacker. How can you reach the surface from the ocean bed before your disabled submarine is crushed under the pressure of the sea. Solve the mystery of missing patients in a Lunatic Asylum.

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Can you navigate your way to the Oval Office? Formulate a cure for the Red Death pandemic sweeping the world with only an old laboratory at your disposal.

Find your way round an ancient Egyptian Tomb to locate a mysterious ruby with legendary powers foretold by a missing Egyptologist. A high energy forty-five minutes. Save the life of a hermit in the forest before a deranged disgraced scientist releases his wolves. Escape the clutches of The Collector, a paranoid killer. Forced to rob a bank, can you steal the money and make your getaway? A little different from the norm, The Great Escape Room combines escape games with a scavenger hunt. The criminally insane genius of Professor Moriarty must be defeated if you are to succeed in finding the antidote.

The latest addition is The Presidents Bunker which has been compromised.

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Armageddon awaits unless you can regain control. Younger children can only participate in private events. On Mount Olympus, face the challenge of the Gods. Can you conquer all and become immortal?

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A unique 90 minute challenge but you will need every second to succeed. Follow Sherlock Holmes in a 75 minute challenge to seek out evidence needed to solve this mystery. The stage is set to search and find the rumoured stash hidden in the old theatre. You only have 60 minutes before the wrecking ball brings the curtain down on your dreams.

Your mission is to aid the crew of a space station. Things are not what they seem and you are very definitely not alone. Search for the rumored artefact and solve the riddle of the ancient Temple swallowed for centuries by the jungle. In what was considered the ideal town, lots of people have disappeared including an investigating FBI agent. Can you follow his clues and reveal the suburban serial killer?

Trapped inside your own mind, can you overcome your fears to find the light to set you free? Truly mind-boggling. Earth is a wasteland as a virus turns all living things into Zombies. Can you find the cure to save humanity and restore the world to its former glory?

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One of the closest escape games in Orlando for guests staying in our vacation homes. Dare 2 Escape promise all your senses will be engaged in three immersive games:. Will you be trapped for eternity? Are you ready to make your great escape in one of the awesome escape games in Orlando? Let us know which was your favorite. Have we missed any?