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Birthday freebies and special offers. It's your birthday, and if you play your cards right, you could dine out for free for days.

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But it doesn't stop there - there are birthday "gifts" at several retailers and entertainment venues. Here are some of the offers available in the region. To get the birthday offers, you typically have to sign up and include your birthdate. Most offers are good for a week or two around your birthday; a few are only good on your actual birthday. Get a free treat for your birthday. Here's where you sign up. Free dessert on your birthday.

Sign up here. The Distillery restaurant. Free entree for your birthday. Free beverage of your choice on your birthday. Free steak on your birthday. You have to come in on your actual birthday to get the offer.

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Kohl's department store. Get a free movie ticket good through the month of your birthday. Must show ID to receive your free ticket. A free bakery item or coffee, soda or tea for your birthday. When you sign up for the pancake revololution eclub IHOP will send you a coupon you have to print to get a free meal Rooty tooty fresh and fruity, or equal or lesser value for your birthday.

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My husband just got his. Good for almost 2 weeks!! I would like to hear from one person who has been successful, and received a basket. Where are the photos? The happy win-win recipients and companies that participate? I have done a web search and found basically, nil about them.

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Does this make sense for a sucessful business model? I sincerely hope ppl are getting baskets all day long. However, I think we should all ask a question or two before throwing our personal info at strangers. Someone plz clear this up for us if possible. Then you go into Sephora within two weeks of your birthday, and voila, free gift! I go here every year with my wife on our birthdays and other occasions with friends. What a great gift! Nothing in it for them except future patronage and positive feedback no charge just wished me a happy birthday.

Check it out! Thank you Steels! For many years we have been going to the Mandarin for birthday dinners and not once did we get it for free…. The Mandarin sticks a hat on you, sings and takes a picture that you get to keep and gives you a piece of cake. I have never received a free meal on a birthday and that is where we go for all four birthdays in my family. Dlish Cupcakes in Toronto Queen st west location, yorkville location give you a free cupcake if you like their FB page one month prior.

Hi Does anyone know, to receive the free dozen bagels at what-a-bagel, is it offer valid on0 the exact day of your birthday and will they ask for ID? The upside is that you can go to as many locations as you would like to.. For groups? On birthdays? For frequent customers? We are committed to offering the best quality of food, service and atmosphere and strive to deliver value to our customers continuously, without any discounts. Seniors 65 years old and better with valid I. Bistro on avenue road the wing place offers you a free dessert on birthday anniversary.

Update on Imperial Buffet. Free yoga session for yourself and a friend at Moksha Yoga on your birthday. Just create a user profile on their site. For your birthday you will be sent an email telling you that you will receive a birthday discount. Sometimes it pays to get older. You get an emailed gift certificate with a few dollars off on the price of your meal. Thanks so much for all the useful information. Great information. Why not get something free on my special day.

I appreciate the list of restaurants that you named. When you jioin the pancake revolution club ihop emails you a coupon fora free meal on the week of your birthday. You can get a free tour from Tasty Tours in Toronto during the month of your birthday but you have to bring a paying guest.

Red Robin in BC several locations throughout the province emails you a coupon for a free burger for your birthday if you sign up for their mailing list.

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The Works. New program- used to be you got a card to use next time if you went on your bday. If you have a Yyoga Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler or Toronto membership you get a free class for you and a friend. Shoppers Drug Mart sent me an email this month for 8, Optimum points for my birthday with no purchase necessary. Just present coupon and card to cashier. Make sure you update your Optimum profile with your birthday! Sign up! Must have a loyalty card and sign up at least 30 days before. You have to sign up for their email subscription before hand.

What a bagel was changed as of apr 1st. It is now buy half a dozen get another dozen free on your birthday. Two corrections: 1.

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Boston Pizza offers a free piece of cake for your birthday. Just sign up your email. Do you know of any freebies by mail for handicapped people? I have a hard time to get out, and love getting mail. The coupon is valid for 3 months. Not valid Saturday dinner.

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You have to join the club to get emailed the coupon. The Giant Tiger gift requires you to sign up for their email first to get a coupon to get the gift. Pizza pizza has a great birthday club for kids up to 12 a birthday card with a free slice and a drink! If you live in Sarnia Ontario and you go to Scroggies on your birthday whatever age your turning you get that percentage off your meal. Well worth it. Food is amazing too.

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As usual, an awesome site. I signed up for a bunch of these for my bday in August.